Video: Purple & Orange

Below is the video I made as part of one of my open genres for my project. I am by no means a filmmaker of any sort, so I do apologize for my amateur skills at putting together this kind of medium. But I was sparked by the idea of my two narrators, Ramie and Jeanette, having a kind of dialogue with each other, and this seemed like a new and fun way to do it.

I would also like to add that my portrayal of both characters, while being my own personal interpretation of them, does not necessarily reflect my own opinions of these issues. And if this video or any of my other essay blogs interest you enough to read these books for yourself, you can access the Bright Purple book here and the Oranges book here.

Unfortunately I am currently unable to upload my own videos to this blog, but you can view it on YouTube by clicking The Purple Vs. Orange Video. Thanks for watching!



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